22 July 2010

hey guyz ~

today imma teach how to make your life more healthy ~

drink more water & do more exercise....

this kind of activities is for sure needed ~

but, for those ladies or women....

who seldom to exercise like ME ~

you guyz should try this ~

drink ANLENE ~~~~
ANLENE now come out with a packet for small bottle ~

drink 1 bottle for each day is enough ~

it have rich in calcium ~

and it's good for our bone ~

to prevent our bone not to be crack easily ~

if you dislike the smell of milk like ME ~

you guyz can try for the CHOC flavour ~

like me now, im always choose for the CHOC one ~

cause i really can't stand the smell of milk ~

i think it's better than those vitagen or sweet fruit juices ~

at least it's good for our bone & healthy ~

go try it now guyz !!   ^.^

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