11 July 2010

well well ~

HUBBY is BACK !!!!

damn happy neh ~

you guyz know why he come back from singapore ??

because of my b'day party bash ~

the party held on last night ~
[that day's outfits♥]

simple right guyz ?

just like hubby always said....

simple but NICE♥♥  ^.^

as you guyz known....

i won't be wearing FAKE eyelashes ~

but last night, i do ~

honestly, i think because i'm not used to it....

so when i'm wearing it....


i'm wonder how those galz wearing it always ~

even go night market also wearing it ~  >.<

back to the topic ~

at first, we go jusco for dinner ~

after that, we directly go K-BOX ~

the venue of my b'day party bash ~

then, friends are started to come ~

all of them are our secondary school mates ~

we all are crazy, insane, singing out loud for FUN ~  XD

but we are very happy ~

suddenly, the music stop !

and the b'day songs is coming out ~

i was SHOCK !!

cause i remember there is no any b'day cake that ordered ~

is hubby, he's the one who ordered the cake ~ XD

he even bought another SECRET RECIPE cake for me♥

they are many version of b'day songs ~

english, mandarin & cantonese ~

cutie hubby still said wanna sing malay version ~ XD 

then i make a wish & blow off the candle ~

[hope my wish come true♥]

about 1am, we change to next station ~

which is BARROOM ~

we just go there for awhile ~

about 1.45 like that, we went to STATION 1 ~

because hubby said wanna watch football match ~

but we din watch the whole match ~

after the half match break, we went back home ~

i reached home about 4am ~

among all the present....

the present that i ♥ the most is from HUBBY♥

[the largest present that i received♥]

it's a PUMA bag, can count as LIMITED EDITION♥

i told hubby i don't wanna NIKE or ADDIDAS ~

cause many people carrying those bag ~

and i don't wanna same like them ~

so hubby choose for PUMA ~

hubby purposely go online to check it out ~

this bag is only available at 4 shop in singapore ~

can't find it at malaysia ~

[the flower ribbon tie with the bag♥]


 [thanks ya my lovely HUBBY♥]

last night i was happy ~

thanks for those buddies who attended my b'day party bash ~

[the photographer[stranger] taking photo's skill is very BAD]

make the 2 photo been taken also blur blur ~  >.<

it's about 20 person there ~

so the photo lack of some people ~  ><

at last, thanks for HIM♥

my lovely HUBBY♥


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