30 July 2010

recently me....

din change too much ~

but i turn FATTY A LOT !!

i'm ROUND like a ball now ~

plus on my latest fringe, it make me looks more fat ~  >.<

recently also try many ways to make me looks more skinny ~

i don't wanna looks like a FATTY ~

sobz sobz ~~~~  T_________T

from now on, i keep my fringe growth longer ~

so that can cover my UGLY & FATTY face ~

hubby said i'm having holiday now ~

that's why im turn to a fatty ~

after i start my studies, i will become normal & skinny ~

i think so ~

cause during studies, i always walk & walk ~

some more, sometime when i'm doing assignment ~

i will forgot to eat my meals ~

as you guyz known, studies can give you a lot of pressure ~

it's totally can make you turn to skinny ~


i HATE holiday ~

i hope i can back to my studies life ~

so that i can turn to normal body shape again ~  >.<

tomorrow i back to KL again ~

monday only back to ipoh ~

it's been a long time din shopping already ~

ipoh don't have anything to let me buy ~  >.<

this time i back to kl sure buy a lot of stuff ~

midvalley, the garden & pavillion ~

here i come !!!!  XD

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