6 July 2010

well well guyz ~

it's time to update my blog again ~

last sunday, go to ipoh parade with family again

 [that day's outfits~]
[make-up on that day~] 

recently dislike put heavy make-up on my face ~

just pour some eyeshadow ~

even mascara also lazy to put it on ~  XD

when i walking in ipoh parade ~

many people keep looking at my NIKE HIGH DUNK ~

LOL ~~~~

is it so attracting you guyz ??  XD

thanks for my HUBBY damn much

 that day, me & mummy bought a lot of cosmetic & beauty stuff ~

nail polish, blushes, cleanser, mascara and so on ~

totally of mine are approximately RM120++ ~

but for me now, i'm no income ~

so i just paid for the nail polish ~

the rest paid by my lovely mummy ~

thanks ya MUMMY  ^.^

as you guyz know....

i always focus on my eyelashes ~

to check it out whether it have growth longer ~

and the result it, my eyelashes is growing longer day by day ~

hope it will growth longer & longer ~  ^^

by the way ~

this friday already date with my dear SYLVIA ~

she's having sem-break now ~

so she back from kl ~

i'm confusing what should i wear during hang out ~

so i try for the HOLIDAY style

 [without make-up & con, ugly >.<]

hope she will like it ~  ^.^

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