23 July 2010

yesterday was a boring day for me too ~

feel nothing to do, so eat cookies & watch movies ~

i have some delicious cookies wanna share with you guyz ~

here is it guyz ~


you guyz know how i found out this cookies ??

it's been 4 years ago ~

the 1st time i tasted it is in a aeroplane ~

why why why ????

cause that moment i'm taking a fight to HONG KONG with my family ~

the air hostess gave 1 packet for each of us ~

the 1st time i tasted it....

hmmm ~~~~

delicious man !!

so until now, i'm still in love with it ~

but because it's double choc ~

so it kinda sweet for some people ~

if you not so into sweet stuff ~

better don't bought it for try ~  

just an advice ~~

for those people who like CHOC DAMN MUCH[me] ~

go try for it now !!  ^.^V

recently also clip my fringe like this ~

cause not really like me NEW fringe ~

maybe i'm still not used to it or what ~

i'm still prefer my OLD fringe ~

MISS it BADLY now ~  T______T

i will clip my fringe like this at home ~

i don't know why at outside....

i won't clip my fringe like this ~  >.<

as i already said....

yesterday was a boring day ~

so i drive my car away ~

at least can improve my driving skill & adapt the car ~

cause the this car is not the one i drive previously ~

some tools are different with previous car ~

so i have to adapt those tools & equipments ~

take it before i drive out ~

that moment is afternoon ~

the sunlight is quite SHINY ~

so i have to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes ~  XD

yesterday was so happy ~

cause it's been long time i din drive my car since i go kl for study ~

& i din drive it to kl ~

i wanna drive it to kl too ~

so that i no need always seat for friends's car ~

need them fetch me here & there ~

or taking any public transportation ~

i HATE public transport A LOT !!

if i drive it to kl....

i can drive by myself ~

but the main problems are....

i'm a ROAD IDIOT !!

i can't simply recognize those roads or highways in kl ~

i know i know....

many people keep saying bringing a GPS right beside you....

then it's DONE !

i know right !!

but i would like to recognize by my own ~

i don't wanna dependent on it ~

second problem is my driving skills still not stable yet ~

i means my driving is safe ~

but i scare my car will be bang by someone else in kl ~

that time my dad sure will kill me !!

some more, my sis is not working at kl anymore ~

so beside of friends or cousins, just left me alone there ~

if the car been crashed, i only can dependent on friends or cousins ~


i think i'm still can't drive it to kl yet ~  T.T

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