11 June 2010

today i will teach you guyz how to being SWEET BOHEMIAN STYLE ~

not exactly teach, just share my knowledge ~  ^^

at first, what is SWEET BOHEMIAN looks like ?

after you read this post ~

you guyz will understand ~

for the BOHEMIAN style ~

the hairstyle should be like this ---->

so, you guyz should make your hairstyle like this ~

this hairstyle is suitable for both straight hair & curly hair ~

then, is about dress up ~

there are 2 types of BOHEMIAN clothes ~

one is focus on PATTERN---->
and one is focus on SIMPLE SYMBOL---->

[i prefer this]

for the 2 types above ~

i prefer the SIMPLE one ~

so i chosen it ~

you guyz can choose with flowers or fruits symbol on the dress ~

i means the small symbol on the dress ~

what i chosen it fruits, which is CHERRY

you guyz can choose others ~

no need follow me up ~

then, when you put on your clothe ~

i advise you guyz should put on a belt between your waist ~ 

so that you guyz won't looks fatty----> 

after that, make-up time !

for the make-up, the SIMPLE is the best ~

NO for heavy make-up ~

NO for eye liner, NO for fake eye lashes !!

BOHEMIAN is the style make galz looks sweet ~

so the heavy make-up is NOT ALLOWED ~

for the eyeshadow, choose for some bright colour ~

like pink, white, silver & so on---->

then, just pour some mascara ~

it's done ~

for the contact lens, please choose for natural colour ~

like grey, brown, hazel, black and so on ~

BOHEMIAN need to looks like naturally----> 

now, you can see the different between before & after---->


if you have a date with a guy or your boyfriend ~

try this on ~

it will make your boyfriend more fall in love with you


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