15 June 2010

hey bloggie buddy ~

remember the previous post....

that i recommended the SWEET BOHEMIAN style ?

have you guyz try it on ?

or else, you can this HOLIDAY style too ~  ^.^

HOLIDAY style also can known as 度假风 in Chinese♥

this style make galz looks like relax, natural and enjoyable ~

but at first, you guyz need to know that....

this style can make you looks so MATURE ~
so before you try this, you should know that ~

but the benefits of this style....

it can make you looks more taller & sweet ~

even shorty me also can looks taller ~  ^-^

there are many type of HOLIDAY style's dresses ~

you can choose the LAYER one--->
or the SIMPLE one as i chosen--->

beside that, the shoes that you matching is not flexibility ~

you need to choose this kind of shoes for matching---->

colour of the shoes is depends on the colour of your dress ~

for the make-up section ~

is the SAME with SWEET BOHEMIAN style--->

[contact lens need to choose for natural colour♥]
 [eye shadows need to choose for bright colour]
 [and said NO to HEAVY MAKE-UP]
for the accessories....

HOLIDAY style is more choices than BOHEMIAN style ~

cause the dress up of this style is too simple ~

so you can choose more exaggerate accessories ~

i provide an example ~

you can make your hairstyle like this--->

or you can choose for wearing a CAN CAN HAT--->
but what i suggest is choose for the HAT ~

trust me, it will make you looks so DAMN GORGEOUS
 that's all ~

hope you guyz will appreciate & enjoy my post

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