8 May 2010

yippee ~~~~

last night outing with family ~

i think....

it's been more than 1 month i din hang out with them ~

yesterday we go jusco for movie ~

what movie ??

is -IRON MAN 2- again ~

although i have already watched it ~

but still, i wanna accompany my family watched it ~  ^.^

after watched this movie....

i in love with 'NATALIE' !!
which i means is -SCARLETT JOHANSON- ~ 

[oops! this pic's sexy enough ~.~]

[i love her body shape DAMN much]

her face is classical beauty ~

some kind like TAYLOR SWIFT ~
but i love SCARLETT more ~

oh ya !

love the hair colour of her in the movie ~  ^.^

anyway, yesterday the face shop is having sales ~
so sis & me bought something at there ~

i bought a white eyeshadow ~

[since i want it for long time ago]

and bought some nail polish ~

[the right hand side is belong to mummy]

[this is not a nail polish]

it's to protect our nail ~

to prevent the chemical of nail polish ~

before i only try O.P.I ~

which is the famous brand for nail ~

never try this brand before ~

so i bought it to try it out ~  ^.^

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