29 May 2010

first of all, let me introduce my newie leg bracelet ~

[here is it, is it so pretty? XD]

previous i chosen cool type ~ 

so this time i choose more girlish one ~ =]

last thursday, me and my friend go watch movie ~

[that day outfit~ pinky me~]

actually we wanna watch -NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET- ~

but already full....  T.T

then we wanna watch -ROBIN HOOD- ~

also been full....  T__________T

sadness sadness ~

finally, we watch -SHREK FOREVER AFTER- ~

although i din ever watch part 1  & 2 ~

but still, i understand the stories ~

in conclusion, this movie is nice & funny ~  ^.^

after the movie end, we go yum cha with friends ~

yum cha actually is a cheerful activity for all of us ~

cause all we need to do is just chating & having fun ~

but that night, i'm feel very unhappy ~

cause that night is originally just 3 of us been invited ~

but someone just brought some bitches to join us ~

it's ok~ as long as we can chat ~

but then, a WHORE BIATCH said that i'm totally looks FATTY !!

that moment i'm so MAD !!!!

for everybody who said i'm fat, i don't care ~

but for those bitches said i'm fat, i do care !

everyone know my personality ~

those people who is not better than me....

please keep your mouth shut & you don't have the right to judge me !

that biatch's waist is 29 inches something....

and mine is 26 inches ~

do you guyz think she have the right to judge i'm FAT !?

i don't think so ~

somemore, everyone know your whore's action & attitude ~

don't make me mention here BIATCH !!

b'cz of the bitch....

make me hate to face her, so when the clock step 12am....

i told my friend to fetch me home ~

by the way, don't wanna bother about her anymore ~

the next day, which is means firday ~

movie time again ~

[that day outfit~]

but this time is watch with family ~

we watch -PRINCE OF PERSIA- ~

in conclusion, the movie is totally like my friends said....

not very nice ~

the main character of this movie....

the PRINCE is so damn stupid !

so easily to trust people ~

even the women is smarter than him ~

thus, i'm not suggested you guyz watch his movie ~

although is present by WALTDISNEY ~

but not nice at all ~~~~  >.<

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