30 May 2010

yippee ~~~~

finally i bought my new camera ~
it's from NIKON ---->

[it's stylish for me♥]

it's 12 mega pixel ~
and it consist of black, blue, silver & maroon red ~

for sure, after the BMW X6 been come out ~

maroon red is the original colour for BMW X6 ~

therefore, maroon red become.....

 the most fashionable colour for this year ~

thus, i choose this colour for my lovely camera♥

actually at first, i wanna choose for CANON ~

but finally i also chosen NIKON ~  XD

before i paid for this camera ~

i thought i paid by my own with cash ~

but after that, dad told me to swipe my credit card ~

i shock for awhile ~

that means dad paid it for me ~

cause the payment of the credit card it paid by dad ~


thanks a lot my lovely dad♥♥♥♥

father's day is coming soon....

but still need you paid it for me ~

after we bought the camera....

me & sis go for facial treatment ~

cause it's been a long time i din do facial treament ~

auntie said my face's so dry ~

sad sad ~~~~  =(

need to take care more from now on ~

TATA ~~~~  ^.^

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