24 May 2010

well well ~

it's the 1st time i purchase barbie lens ~

never wear it before, so try it on this time ~

for those sweetie who ever try it ~

please tell me whether it's nice to wear or not ~

it's import from Japan[my favourite country] ~

i do really ♥ the design of it ~

box, bottle and the icon of it ~

here are some picz to share ---->

[i top cover of the bottle,especially the shape~]
-1.50 is the power/degree of my both eyes ~  XD
hopefully this barbie lens will nice & comfort for wear ~
oh ya !
beside of barbie lens....
there are still a few contact lens that i purchased ~
here they go ~
there are 4 pair of them ~
still left 1 pair haven't reach yet ~
i think they are enough for me wearing through whole year ~
LOL ~~~~

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