22 May 2010

yup ~

finally finish my exam & foundation ~
yippee ~

DAMN relax after it's over !!

after exam, we go take our lunch nearby our exam location ~
then, we go play badminton !

as all my friends knew....

i'm a sport idiot ~

seldom to exercise~  >.<'''

that is why im such FATTY !

after a few hours....

my friends fetch us back to accommodation for shower ~

then, he fetch us to puchong ~

cause we need to take dinner ~

we go a restaurant called 'WATERLILY' ~

it's the 1st time i enter there ~

it's surrounded by THAI style ~

although the food there is not really nice ~

but i ♥ the environment there ~

here are some pic to share ---->

[this candle is placed at each table~]

[looks like my house's lamp~]

[someone told me it's looks like IRON MAN's heart~]

after we finish our dinner ~

it's camwhore time !!

all of us keep taking a lot of picz ~

LOL ~~~~

but it was really fun ~

if i really transfer college....

hopefully can see them again ~  =]

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