10 April 2010

last wednesday just finish the CIT test ~

so my friends & I was decided hang out yesterday ~

to release our stressful ~

yesterday we go sunway pyramid ~

when we reach there, the first thing that i always do is....

cash withdraw ~

cause i need money for s
hopping ~

[that day outfits]

then something happened.

don't ask me tell you guyz ~

it really LAME !! >.< that day just bought a dress & a shirt---->

how is it guyz ????

din really bought many things....

cause mostly those outfits are for auntie style ~ >.< 

then we go secret recipe ZEN for our high-tea time ~ 

then awhile, packed up pizza for my dinner ~ 

then when back for hostel ~ 

hmm.... maybe sunway pyramid really unsuitable for me ~ 

i'm more prefer pavillion & midvalley ~ XD 

although that day just bought 2 stuff ~ 

but i have been spend about 160+ bucks ~ 

need save more money again ~~~~

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