26 April 2010

last saturday, i hang out with friend to times square ~
who's she ????
she is -MIKO- ~
actually she's my secondary school's friends....
and also ever been my classmate....
but....sort of.... XD
why i said that ?
cause after the form 2 end...
she transfer school to kl ~
sobz sobz ~  T______T
then we never meet again ~
but, last saturday finally we met each other ~
she's so pretty neh ~
like the old time her ~  XD
1st time hang out with her, she already lately show up ~
naughty she ~~~~
after we met, we take our breakfast & lunch together ~
after that, we start shopping around ~
i saw her shoes so nice ~
so she help me find the same kind of shoes ~
finally we found it & i bought it ~

dand dang ♥♥♥♥

  i bought this type of shoes long time ago ~
but mine 1 already spoil....
so i bought it again ~  =)
and then, we go sg.wang ~
to check out stuff again ~
cause i need to buy a new cap ~
but finally i din bought it ~
cause all of those cap not my type ~ =(
but i bought some clothes ~
and so does miko too ~ =)
after that, both of us feel thirsty ~
so miko suggest to drink bubble tea ~
yippee !!!!
my favourite drink ~
so we bought it for drink ~
both of us order the same flavour 'grape' ~

[miko's drink, but not her horoscope~]

so unlucky leh ~ 
LOL ~~~~  XD

[my drink, my horoscope~]

lucky me ~~  XD
when i said 'ooi!?'
the boss ask me what's wrong ?
then i said he gave me the right horoscope ~
the boss said need to treat him eat woh ~
i wonder why should i....  >.<
after that, we went back to times square again ~
cause need to take photo & accompany her buy some stuff ~
after that, miko accompany me go packed up KFC ~ 
as my dinner ~  =)
oh ya !
the R16 is there ~
but we can't watch it much, cause it already finish ~
i met up michael too ~
cause i know he sure got join it ~
then, i take LRT to went back home ~
sweetie miko still said wanna accompany me walk to LRT station ~
but for sure, i wont let her ~
cause if she walk back times square alone....
so dangerous leh ~
so she just accompany me until the end of the jail ~
in a conclusion, she's a sweet gal ~
and i hope we can hang out again ~  =)

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