24 April 2010

well well ~

yesterday me & my housemates hang out to sunway pyramid ~
the aim that we hang out is....

to farewell with our ex-housemate -Canette- ~

at first, we go FULL HOUSE....
to take our breakfast + lunch ~

this is the 1st time i enter there ~
look from the outside....

there's so high class & silence ~
but after we enter inside....

the environment is damn noisy ~
here are some picz to share---->

 [my order~]

 [our dessert~]

but we changed it ~
cause everyne choose the choc tart ~ XD

[after changed it~]
then, we went for movie ~

this is the 1st time i watch movie with them ~
but the 2nd time watch with my roommate ~

 after the movie, i saw a plastic model....

it wear a fabulous long jeans pant ~
it really attracted me....

so i decided enter to check it out ~
finally i bought it ~

this is the 1st time i bought the long jeans pant by myself ~
cuase normally is bought by sis & mommy ~

love this long jeans pant damn much !
oh ya !!

i saw my current favourite car....
- LEXUS RX350 -

 this car is damn nice ~

looks so smart & cool ~
after reach home....

we called delivery MCD ~
thanks for our ex-housemate WeiWei fetch us home ~  =)

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