13 March 2010

hey my lovely bloggie buddy ~

yesterday i hang out with friends & watch movie ohh ~

before hang out, take a pic first ~ >.<
[now i only realize my eyelashs are longer]

nyappy nyappy ~~~~ ^.^

we watch at the curve ~

it's the first time i watch movie at there ~

cause mostly almost watch midvalley, times square and so on ~

after we reach there....

we go MACHE eat again ~

here are some pics that take at MACHE ---->

[take at MACHE's washroom, that day outfits]

recently i realize that im gain my weight with fast speed ~

i almost like a giant fat lady !!

sobz sobz~~~~ T_____

oh-diet mode is ON !!!!

back to the topic.....

that movie we watch is.....


i watch this movie is because of my idol.....


he always is the no.1 actor in my heart ~

this time, he play the role as MAD HATTER ~

he's so cool !!!!

as usual ~~~~


you guyz guess what ~

this movie is so popular ~

before it post on cinema....

i already seen many shop is promoting it

especially those shops in midvalley ~

even JAPAN also promote it ~

well well, this movie is nice ~

i means for me ~

although i know some people are judge about it ~

not excited, not nice to watch, bla bla b
la ~~

that day have 9 of us to watch it ~

[hehe~ as memories~]

[some people wanna show off his shoes~ =.=''']

after we watch the movie ~

they plan to take supper at damansara ~

so we follow too ~

but me din take any supper ~

just yum cha ~ XD

cause i scare of 'FATTY' ~

after that, my friend fetch each of us back home ~

we have 2 cars....

after i reach home, it's about 1am something ~

facebooking awhile, then sleep ~ >.<

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