8 March 2010

yesterday is shopping day again !

hooray ~~~~

at first, my friend fetch me & WINNY ~

WINNY is my Indonesian
friends ~

this is the first time i hang out with her ~

she's a cutie & nice girl ~

our first destination is midvalley ~

after we reach there, we take our lunch first ~

cause both of them already ta
ke breakfast....

but i haven't....

so my stomach is hungry like hell ~

but we don't know eat what ~

so we take our lunch at the garden ~

after we eat, it's SHOPPING TIME !!

at first, we go to CARLO RINO ~

cause having sales again ~

since i'm a member of it, i still can get discount wert ~

i bought a high heels shoes ~

P/S : [sorry about the unclear image's problem]

my camera's suck !

after i bought it, winny also bought a high heel shoes ~

winny's shoes have 10% discount....

and mine have 30% disc
ount ~ ^^

next station is NICHII ~

one of my favourite too ~

current stock not so suitable for me ~

[wanna buy this dress, but make me looks fatty]

so i just bought a kawaii skirt ~

after that, i go VINCCI bought some accessories ~

still a lot of shop for shopping ~

after that, we go the curve for taking our dinner ~

i introduce them 'MACHE'

cause i ever try there about 3 times ~

i think food at there are nice, so introduce to th
em ~

love those food ! especially mashes potato ~

at first, i tell winny to try it ~

but she rejected, cause she said she dislike ma
shed potato ~

but after she try it, she said delicious ~

`for sure, it's introduced by me wert ~ XD

we go the 1 U for watch movie ~

but out of the ticket already ~

so we just back home ~

that day outfits ---->

that day i spend about 250++ bucks !


ShiNi ah ShiNi ~~~~

you still need to save money for buying new cellphone ~

please save more money ~~ >.<

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