9 March 2010

well well ~

deciding again ~

since i'm kinda bored with my hairs
tyle ~

i wanna change it ~

but for sure, i definitely won't cut it short ~

my heart will broken if i really cut it short ~ >.<&
growth longer ~

i wanna make my hair become curly ~

but a lot of friends disagree with it ~

they all said if i curly my hair....

sure will looks more mature ~

and plus, not suitable for my age ~ ><>
tually i kinda like straight hairstyle ~

cause it's flexible ~

not like curly hair ~

i likes the hairstyle like this --

it make me feel cool & nice ~

well, at least it got style right ?? ^^

so, i'm waiting my hair growth longer ~

then only think again about curly or straight hair ~ ^.^

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