16 March 2010

hey y lovely bloggie buddy ~

still remember that long time ago....

i'm mentioned that i know how to cook maggie mee ?

now my cooking skill is greater ~

i can cook maggie mee with egg ~


im prefer the egg yolk is 100% masak ~

so i try my best for the 1st time ~ XD

and guess what !?

i make it successful !

hooray !!!! ^^

it quite delicious ~

cause if just eat maggie mee....

it's to plain ~

boring taste ~

so i try to add the egg inside ~

my lovely cute hubby said he wanna try it ~

cause he said he wanna be the 1st person to taste it ~

oops! sorry, i think the 1st person it me ~ =)

anyway, hope my cooking skill can improve more ya ~

~ GAMBATEH for myself ~

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