21 March 2010

well well ~

again~ it's been a period i din update my blog ~

as usual too, assignment & presentation need to rush ~

some more, recently is confusing some transfer s
chool stuff ~

so more busy ~~

busy busy busy ~~~~

im a bee

well, i just bought my new cellphone last night guyz !

love it damn much !

it's not really expensive & branded ~

actually im not interest with this cellphone ~

but i haven't spot any cellphone yet ~

they are not my type ~

my old cellphone is damn lagging always !

so i need to change it fast ~

so i bought it as temporary only ~

after i spot the phone t
hat i ~

i will buy it ~ ^.^

okie dokie ~

lets just introduce my new cellphone---->


this is it !!!!

you guyz think which colour i will choose ?

well well, actually imma buy the aqua colour ~

but the guyz said they just left 1 stock ~

which is the display 1 ~

nia ~~~~

everyone also ever touch it !

sure i don't want it !

so i choose the pinky 1 ~

this colour is not the real 1 ~

cause the real colour is deeper ~

like this---->

my lovely bloggie buddy ~~~~

you guyz guess....

what's the fuction that i most
about this phone ?

is LED light source !!

since now LED tv is a trend for people ~

so LED phone also is a trend for me ~

that's why my lovely phone is damn slim !

my sis & her bf keep asking me....

why i bought flip phon again ~

cause i love flip phone so much ~

stylish & gentle ~

well, as long as i love right guyz ? ^^

oh ya !

another features i like is....

you can design your own LED lighting on the screen ~

for example, can can design your name on it ~

so the LED lighting will come out with your name ~

cool & awesome right guyz ?

for some close friends of mine ~

they sure know im a self-loving person ~

so i definitely will design my name on it ~

but not now ~

need to wait i finish my assignment first ~ XP

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