8 February 2010

i always appreciate those net friends or viewer to visit my blog ~

arigato for visited my blog always ~

love ya so much guyz ~ ^^

friendship is important ~

for sure, net friends is important too ~

i'm still remember....

a long long time ago....

i make a few friends on friendster ~

until now, i'm still so friends with them ~

they are my BFF ~

LOL ~~~~

when it's been a period i din update my blog ~

some visitor will ask me to update it ~

they wanna know about me recently ~

thanks for that ~~ ^^

for somebody, net friends might dangerous ~

but for me, net friends is important too ~

P/S : real life friends also important to me ~ XP

at the end, i would like to say....

thanks for support me always ~
always visited my blog ~
always support my blog ~
always caring for me ~

i love ya guyz so much ~


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