13 February 2010

yesterday just back from kl to ipoh ~

yippee ~~~~

finally i can back ipoh already !

miss ipoh's delicious foods damn much ! ^^V

but i feel so sorry about my beloved daddy & mummy ~

because yesterday they purposely wake up so early....

and fetch me back to hometown....

they must so tired ~

i love you mum & dad ~ T.T

when i just get into the car....

mummy keep asking me about the stuff i already packed....

have something left at hostel or not ~

daddy keep asking me....

are you hungry ??

already take your breakfast ??

they are so caring about me ~

sobz sobz~~~~ T.T

after we reach ipoh....

as usual, we go to batu gajah's orang cacat there ~

because every year, we will donate stuff to them ~

then when we reach there....

i saw a handsome boy....

he just 9 years old, his eyes so big and round....

but unfortunately, his mum left him at the orang cacat there ~

because he can't talk and something else....

suddenly i feel i'm so lucky ~

my parents love me and i have a good family background & environment ~

i appreciate it damn much !

by the way ~

CNY & VALENTINE day is just around the corner ~

hope everyone can get many ang pao ~

and couples can celebrate their valentine day happily ya ~

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