18 February 2010

currently still during CNY mode ~

busy and busy, so seldom update my blog ~

sorry ya palz ~~~~ ^.^'''

oh ya !

although valentine is already passed ~

and we din celebrate it ~

but the valentine's present i got ~

quite satisfied ~ ^^

here is it--->

is it a NINTENDO DS ~

i purposely told hubby choose ice-cream blue colour ~

cause i don't want have a same colour with my sis 1 ~

my sis's NDS is pink in colour ~

love this colour damn much !

looks like ice-cream though ~ ^^

for sure, not just 1 present ~

my favourite....

the name always makes me laugh ~


LOL ~~~~

hubby purposely choose this....

got 9 unit of choc ~

'9' = '4ever'

quite delicious ~

currently i'm in love with huge design ri
ng ~

so hubby bought me this too ~ ^^

it have many different of colour ~

i want choose white, but it was so d
irty !

hubby said blue colour is nice ~

but i choose pinky eventually ~ ^.^

hubby also gave me a 'huge' ang pao ~

how much inside ?

LOL ~~~~


oh ya !

yesterday i bought new shoes again ~

how is it guyz ?

please ignore my fatty legs ~

actually just wanna show the new shoes ~ ^_^'''

currently also in love with this style of shoes ~

feel so stylish ~ XD

a few days ago, mummy gave me masks again ~

can't be in lazy mode ~

although during CNY is busy ~

but still need ot hardworking in doing
facial ~

this time as usual, i choose many different kind of masks ~

but 1 type of mask i never try it before ~

this is it~~~~

the grape 1 ~ ^^

it really nice to smell ~

love it damn much ~

next time i will buy this grape mask again ~ ^^


still left a few days, then i will back to kl ~

sobz sobz ~~~~ T.T

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