23 February 2010

hey my bloggie buddy ~

sorry that it's been a long time din update me blog ~

quite busy recently ~ ^_^'''

during CNY, i always hang out and go yum cha with friends ~

but din take any pictures ~ T.T

cause we always forgot about i
t ~

just happy chit chating and have fun with blow w
ater ~ XD

before i went back to KL ~

we have reunion of primary classmates ~

our class is 6(4) in 2003 ~ ^^

finally, got take some picture ~

here is it--->

[left beside me is our teacher ^.^]

[get ang pao from teacher]


then, i accompany my female friend buy some cosmetic stuff ~

all guyz go to toilet ~

while i'm waiting for them....

i go to SEED bought a clothe ~

[ignore my face, damn ugly =.=]

LOL ~~~~

how is it bloggie buddy ?

my hubby said i'm insane ~

while waiting for someone also can buy things ~

last time i'm waiting hubby....

after hubby saw me, beside me have a packet of new shoes ~

sweat~ ^_^'''

i'm who i'm ~

the one who always like to shopping !!!!

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