24 January 2010

nia ~~~~

skol reopen already

enter 3rd & final sem already ~


last week i just check for my new time table ~

it's damn SUCK !

damn hate the time table muchie !

some more, friday still need to go for class


why i said that ?

cause APIIT is 'A Piece Of Shit' !!

hope can faster finish my foundation
here !

a.s.a.p !

by the way, today my whole family come to kl ~

they accompany me back ~ XD

at first, we go to midvalley ~

v take our lunch at 龙的传人 ~

[sorry, forgot what's the english name of it]

usually v always eat at there when v reach midvalley ~

don't know why ~~~~ =.=

then, v go MNG shopping ~

just bought a shirt ~

cause i already bought many stuff since last month ~ XD

then v go times square ~

just bought a dress at NICHII ~

[forgot to take pic, mum bring it back already]

cause like that, 

CNY i no need bring many stuff back to ipoh ~︿︿

v drink some high tea awhile ~

then, i go watson to bought a masc
ara ~

it's introduce by my frenz ~

she said it's nice to use ~

i also check out at some JP fashion
magazine ~

they said it's good ~

so i bought it ~

love the design of it ~ ^^

after that, i packet MCD for my dinner ~

then, daddy drop me off and back to ipo
h ~

sobz sobz ~ T.T

me alone again ~


i miss them already ~

me and my sis ~

it's been a long time v din take pic together ~ ^^

im really really FAT in this pic ~ =.=

at last, i have been used 180++ bucks for today ~

=.=''' haiz....[sign]

need to save money neh ~

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