21 January 2010

well well ~

currently at ipoh now ~

because there's no class for this week ~

last tuesday i went to night market with my family ~

the night market is nearby my house ~

so before i moved to kl, i go there every tuesday ~

last week, when i reach there....

i walk and walk around....

suddenly i heard got 2 guyz called me name ~

'that gal is KAH YI leh! '

that's my chinese name ~

then i turn back to check out those guyz ~

they just looking at smile at me ~

its means that i don't know them at al ~

well well, maybe they know me when im at highskol level ~

cz only my highskol frenz will called me that ~

then i just walk awhile....

2 galz yell at me !

'hey, that's SHINI right? '

=.=''' swt ~

because i don't know them too ~

they look like about form 1 or form 2 ~

maybe they know me at facebook ~

i don't know ~ ^_^'''

after that, i saw a lot my highskol frenz ~

miss them so much ~

hope can back to my highskol life ~

although i know it's impossible ~ T.T

oh ya !

SHINI is on-diet now !

before my stomach is 26 inch !

wow! fatty gal here !

then now is 25 inch ~

=.= just slimmer 1 inch only ~

CNY is coming soon ~

i need to be slimmer ~

i don't wanna let cousin or frenz see im a FATTY !


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