23 January 2010

well well ~

last week bought new nail polish and make-up remover ~

CNY is just coming soon ~

so i bought red nail polish colour ~ ^^


not really, it's because my red polish already been solid ~

i bought new one ~

it's DAEWON, from paris ~

and then, the remover....

it's korea product ~

although it's quite oily, but it's so effective ~

usually my LO'REAL water-proof mascara so hard to remove ~

but after i use this, the mascara can simply remove ~

quite nice to use ~ ^^

then, i need to start take care my nails ~

my mum gave me the nail polish to protect our nails ~

it's O.P.I, from USA ~

im sure if you know more about nails polish ~

you will sure knew this brand ~

because this brand is the famous brand in the nail polish's world ~

heard my sis and mum said it's expensive ~

but i forgot what is the value ~ =.=

oh ya !

currently im on-diet ~ ^_^'''

this is the 'before' pic ~

hope the 'after' pic will be more slimmer lah ~ XP


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