31 January 2010

this week din go back to my hometown, ipoh ~

because my lovely sis is coming yesterday and
today ~

nyappy nyappy ~~~~ ^^

oh ya !

last night i just help my bed dress up ~

how is it ????

it is similar with my blog skin ?

recently i'm in love with 'heart' shape ~

and pinky too ~ ^^

today we go to shopping again ~

actually today is not s huge shopping ~

because i just bought a bag only ~

we go the garden today ~

at first, we go to ITALIANNIES to take our breakfast & lunch ~

always like the style of ITALIANNIES ~

so class and nice environment ~ ^^

then we order our foods & drinks ~

[quite delicious, but so full~]

actually still have foods....

but forgot to take pics ~ >.<

[my drink, grape shake]

it's really tasty ~

cause it's different with outside grape juice ~

it's so fresh and not so sweet ~ XD

[james's drink, strawberry~]

sis order hot choc ~

but forgot to take pic~ T.T

after we take our lunch ~

we go to COACH shop to bought my bag ~

they are many people there ~

i choose many bag....

but at last, i just choose one ~

LOL ~~~~

aiyo, i'm poor mah ~

no money, so just bought one only ~ X

check it out ~~~~

love this bag damn much !

this bag cost me 1000++ bucks leh ~

sure love it lah ~ ^^

it have 3 style to carrying ~

the leather and the colour so unique ~

thanks to my lovely sis ~

cause this bag is she saw it 1st ~

but i bought it ~

LOL ~~~~

then, we go midvalley ~

accompany my lovely sis go POH KONG & MNG ~

they bought things, but i have none ~

cause last few weeks i already bought many many more ~

the shop din come out with new stock ~

so i bought nothing ~

by the way....

i love my ♥COACH♥ bag damn much ~~~~ ^^V

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