15 January 2010

yeah !! yipee !!

finally! exam is over now !

check it out my tired look~~~~

[exam's over, PEACE~~]

[happy till don't know what should say~]

after the exam end....

celebration time !!!

LOL~ actually not a huge celebration lah ~

just watch movie and take lunch together ~ ^_^'''


today we watch -THE SPY NEXT DOOR- ~

this movie is act by JACKIE CHAN ~

he is spy but hide his identity ~

actually i think this movie's story similar with -PACIFIER- ~

but for sure, PACIFIER is more nice to watch lah ~ ^^

before we watch the movie, i go shop awhile ~

the funny thing is....

i thought my dress is damn ugly....

so i fast fast bought a dress at -NIICHI- ~

and then change it at wc ~

haha~ quite loving it ~

because recently im in love with leopard pattern ~

the new dress is with leopard pattern ~

but with black & white colour ~

oh ya !

finally i bought a pair of earring and a necklace ~

im kinda regret to bought the earring ~

not really nice and expensive ~

today actually just hang out for movie ~

but already use about 100+ bucks ~ =.=

i still haven't buy bag and shoes ~

maybe this sunday will buy them ~

but need to save more money lah ~

today i just calculate my income when i moved to KL ~

bout 7000++ bucks my lovely dad give me....

but now just left 2000++ bucks.... =.=''''

means i already use about 4000++ bucks !

can bought a LV wallet already ~

ShiNi ah ShiNi ~~~~

people SALE SALE SALE !!!!

but you must....


PEACE~~~~ ^^V

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