29 January 2010

yesterday, saw this video post by my friend on facebook ~

so i share it on my profile ~

if you guyz wanna check it out ~

you guyz can watch it through my profile's link ~

the video write as....


this video is about a pretty pregnant lady....

get slap and hit badly ~

got 4-5 china ladies keep slap and hit her ~

the reason they do that to her....

it because she's pretty ~

OMFG !!!!

is it pretty is a crime ??

she din do any wrong things....

but just because she is pretty....

those uneducated BITCH SLUT hit her ~


for those BITCHES in the video ~

if you really jealous on pretty and hit the innocent lady ~

then you guyz should go to plastic surgery ~

at the end you guyz will also become pretty ~

but why you guyz din go for that ?

no money or what ?

if you dun wanna do plastic surgery....

then keep your mouth shup !

careful with your BITCH acting and attitude !

and stop hitting the innocent lady !

some more, the innocent lady is a pregnant lady ~

she try to protect her baby !

but don't know at the end....

her baby still alive or not....

i'm really mad about this !

i'm sure everyone saw this also will be same as me ~

pretty have 2 kind ~

1 is on outside, another 1 is on inside ~

but for those BITCHES in the video ~

they both pretty side also lose badly !!!!

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