13 December 2009

yipee ~~~~

shopping with sis again ~

2dy v hang out 2 pavilion ~

so i jz wearing with a pinky dress ~

jz bought it at last fri ~ ^^

hw izit guyz ?

wow~ hv many village ppl neh ~

they din bought anything, bt jz take pic
n walk around....


at first, v take our breakfast n also lunch at ICHIBAN BOSHI ~

the sushi thr quite delicious ~

n tatsy dolly fish intro by sis ~

after eat, v start 2 shopping !

firstly, v go 2 the cotton
on ~

jz bought a blackly dress ~

cz other clothes nt suitable 4 me ~

thenv o NICHII ~

my fav~ bought a dress thr too

oh ya !

b4 this, v hv go watson ~

cz nid 2 bought a important thing....

that's sunblock !

cz i nid it so much when im in BANGKOK ~

cz i dun wanna b a black skin gal after i came bek 2 m'sia ~

same as sis last time ~

free a pinky beach bag ~

i bought a nail polish again ~

same brand as my other nail polish~

tis time, it's in gold clr ~

cz recently nail trend is gold ~

so i bought it ~

sis saw it very nice, so follow me bought it too ~

then, v go MOF for our desert ~

v eat some ice-cream ~

i order MANGO GENTO MINI, while sis order CHOC ~

woo~ 2dy jz spend $170++ ~

last fri spend $100++ ~

quite ok~ better than last time~ ^.^

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