12 December 2009

last nite, me n my frenz go watch movie ~

yipee ~~~~

recently always rush assignmen
t ~

feel so damn tired, so last nite take a rest ~

actually we want to go midvalley

but the movie ticket is out of stock ~

so v go IOI mall, puchong ~

wel wel ~

v take our dinner at thr ~

we eat SAKAE SUSHI ~~

quite delicious ~

then, we go shoping for awhile ~

for sure, IOI mall is not a huge shopping com
plex ~

dun hv many brand thr ~

so i jz bought a dress at COLOURS ~

love tat dress so much ~

its flexible, unique and make me feel so comfortable ~

oh ya !

n i bought a bracelet too ~

i lov tis bracelet damn much too ~

cz its style is flexible ~

so i cn mix and match it whether with dress or pants ~

i definitely will bring it to me with my BANGKOK trip ~

LOL ~~

the staff who serve me is a 'ah gua' ~

althought h is tis kind of person ~

bt i nvr look down on him ~

cz he serve me so wel n friendly ~

on the other hand, those female staff jz standi
ng thr...

din serve customers n their look so fierce ~

if i go thr again, im sure wil find the staff 2 serve me again ~ ^^

after shopping, movie time !


hey guy, u guyz should watch it ~

it is so nice 2 watch ~

n also meaningful ~

those sence is so creative and colourful ~

n i think the people who draw the princess....

is exactly same as the 1 who draw beauty & the beast..

cz the look n the emotional is totally the same ~ ><


1 assignment left....

after i finish it, i can relax and enjoy my BANGKOK trip ad ~

hope time can run fast ~~~~ T.T

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