28 November 2009

last nite, me n my family go watch movie again !

its been a long time v din wtch movie 2gth ad ~

the last movie v watch 2gth is 'TRANSFORMER' ~

LOL ~~~~

the movie v watch last nite is -TWLIGHT SAGA:NEW MOON-

this is part 2 of twlight ~


it reali make me disappointing ~

cz its nt excited n nice like i expected ~

mayb for some ppl, they think its nice ~

cz they din watch part 1 ~

cz compare to part 1 ~

part 1 is more nice 2 watch ~

this time the story line is boring ~

this time hv cm out wf a guy called 'JACOB' ~

if u guyz hv watch part 1 ~

u guyz wil noe him ~

wow~ lov his body shape damn much neh ~

feel like wanna hug him neh ~

feel when he beside me, im so safety ~

tis time, EDWARD din protect BELLA as part 1 as wel ~

on the other hand, the person who always protect n care bout BELLA is...


bt i feel so pity bout him, cz BELLA so selfish ~

when EDWARD nt thr, BELLA said she nid him n lov him ~

bt when EDWARD cm bek, she said 2 him: 'i always choose EDWARD'~

hw sad.....if i was BELLA..i either choose 1 of them ~

dun let both of them get hurt ~

at the end, duno hw is the VICTORIA ~

no ending....hope part 3 wil be more better ~ >.<

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