10 November 2009

OMFG !!!!

2dy im gonna hv a nightmare !!

y i said tat !?

cz at 1st, a gal who is my skolmate, nt clost tat kind....

her eyes usually so small & sharp(like china citizen) ~

beside tat, her eyes r wf single eyes line oli ~

cz normally our eyes r wf double eyes line 1 ~

actually i ad noe she always make her eyes become double eyes line....

bt 2dy....b4 the class end....

my frenz ask me bout her eyes....

my frenz said y her eyes become double eyes line ad !?

i said she always like tat, since i knew her....

then my frenz said nonono! her eyes is like 'bengkak' ad 1 !?

then i faster check it out ~~

wow~~ my frenz is rite, n she looks very ugly ~

my frenz said ystrdy aso like tat, bt i duno lah ~

cz im nt always pay attention 2 her ~

LOL ~~~~

then i told my frenz, no wonder since last month....

she started wear sepc bt nt contact lens lah ~

mayb she dun wanna let others ppl wtch it ~

beside tat, since her skin so white n she gt many pimples on her face !

so looks like 'langsuir' ~~

'langsuir' means gal ghost, learn it on last sat, kaka ~~

actually her skin is better than me, bt duno y recently she gt many pimples ~

im stil rmb very old time ago, she said my eyes r nt pretty ~

okok, i admit tat my eyes is nt pretty, bt doesnt means u r !

somemore her eyes r nt pretty at al ~

everyone noe tat, plz think many times b4 u judge ppl !

actually nobody is perfect n everyone aso hv their own beauty ~

bt if u looks natural tats the best ~

like tis gal, she actually nt ugly at al, jz nt pretty much oli ~

bt cz she make her eyes become like tis, tat make her looks ugly....

cz her eyes nt natural anymore n in fact, after make her eyes like tat...

more worst than b4 ~ conclude....

after i saw her look like tat, im afraid im gonna hv a nightmare 2nite ~

hopefully nt! i dun wanna dream bout her !! ^_^'''

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