15 November 2009

last thursday, my sis n her bf fetch me bek 2 hmtown ~

v tk Mcd as our dinner ~

after reach hm, my beloved mum said i looks so tired ~

yup~ cz recently im rushing the assignment ~

hv 3 assignment nid 2 hand in almost on the same date ~


then ystrdy, mum cook sm bird nest 4 us ~

yipee ~~~~

bird nest again ~

bt last nite, the dinner make me so full ~

n im 4gt bout the bird nest ~

or mayb is i eat too much ~

then when im gonna finish the bird nest....

i feel like wanna puke ~

cz im too full, cnt support any food cm in again ~

then my lovely mummy help me 2 finish the bird nest ~

thx ya mummy ~

oh ya !

mummy ah....nx time when u cook the bird nest ~

tat day i sure wil eat less or try 2 eat nt so full ~

cz i dun wanna like tis time....

eat bird nest until puke....

soli ya mummy ~~~~ ^_^'''

~~ I LOVE YOU ~~

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