7 November 2009

yippee ~~~~

finally cn meet hubby ad ~

its been 4 months++ din saw him ~ad ~

mis him damn much neh ~

last thursday, after i end the ITA leture class ~

me skip the tutorial n wnt 2 bkt jalil LRT station ~

noti me~~ skip class again ~~ XP

then i met hubby thr ~

he looks so thin n white ~

pity him ~~~~ T______T

then v go times square ~

v buy the movie ticket n tk our lunch ~

of cz~ v tk as our fav.......SUSHI KING ~

v both order the SAKANA FISH(our fav aso) & sm other sushi ~



oh ya! v aso order a sweet vanilla ice-cream ~

its wf 'fish' shape~ so kawaii, bt 4gt 2 tk pic~ T.T

then v go wtch movi
e ~


although i ad wtch, bt hubby said he wanna wtch ~

so i accompany him ~ ^^

me n hubby kinda like the theme songs of tis movie ~


kinda nice ~~~~ ^^

after tat v bek hm ~

then the next day, v go midvalley ~

[my look]

[hubby's look]

recently hubby said short pants is sg's ppl fashion trend ~

so hubby bought a lot of short pants ~ =.=

tat day v a lot of pic, here's som

LOL~ tat day aso help hubby tk a lot of picz ~

hubby said im a pro photographer ~

haha~ im nt hubby~

btw, my fav pic of hubby is this....

hw izit huh!? nice...?

then v tk out lunch at mid
valley ~

after tat, our fav high tea....STARBUCKS !!

usually v called it 'BUCKS BUCKS', hubby named it (cute)~

then v wtch movie again, its called NINJA ~

tis movie...speechless....

actually v wanna wtch 'NINJA ASSALIN', act by RAIN ~

bt i misunderstand tis is it ~

so....haiz[sign]....tis movie is totally nt nice ~

so plz dun wtch it palz ~~~~

then v keep walking around ~

bought a short skirt at MOMO ~

likes the Japanese words on the plastic bag ~

tat day din bought anything e
xcept tis ~

cz MNG,NICHII,TOPSHOP,VOIR n etc din update new stock ~

so i din shopping at al ~

gud galz SHINI, finally u save ur money ~ ^^

after tat, v tk our dinner at th
e garden ~

then, hubby send me hm....

he bek 2 sg ad....

im ad start mis him, bt..wat cn i do?

rmb always nid 2 take care hubby, u noe i always worry bout u ~


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