1 November 2009

ystrdy, hang out wf highskol buddies ~

damn mis them !

although jz a few ppl ~

bt i met many highskol buddy at jusco ~

1st, alex fetch me from my hm to jusco ~

v buy ticket 1st and then tk our lunch at black canyon ~

after tat v jz chit chat 4 awhile ~

then v wait 4 alex's frenz ~

at 1st, alex said tat the frenz is the person ta
t i duno ~

then i check it out ~

cheh....he's my hubby's buddy

of cz i knew him ~

then 4 of us r chit chat again ~

said bout hubby's history ~

since al of them noe hubby stuff ~

LOL ~~~~

- ALEX -


- KEN -

- ME -

then v al wtch movie 2gthr ~

v wtch 'JENNIFER'S BODY' ~

its act by megan fox ~

actually tis movie's story quite lame ~

cz al the time, the movie scence jz sex then murder ~

bt on my left handside, ken....

he so scare, he keep on jumping n shock ~


n alex on my rite handside, keep saying the galz so hot, pretty or smthin ~

the movie is F.O.C ~

cz alex treat me wtch ~

hehe, thx ya alex ~~

after v wtch it then bek 2 my hm ~

cz my mum is calling me ~

ater i bek, mum said go out ad ~

no nid bath, then i ask go whr?

my mum said go jusco 2 take dinner ~

OMFG !!!!

if i knew tat earier, then i no nid 2 rush alex 2 fetch me hm ~

then i jz change my clothes n sm accessories then go out ~

on the way i bek hm, alex cal me again ~

said wanna go out yum cha ~

bt i ad reject him, soli leh alex ~

since after 2ml i wil go bek 2 kl ~

i wish 2 accompany my family more ~

nx time bah buddies ~

nx time v al 2gtr book a room n sing k ~ ^^

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