21 October 2009

wel wel ~

last thursday i our classmate----JACK's b'day ~

v al 2gthr bought a cake n celebrate 4 him ~

v walk 2 the nx building Enterprise 4 for celebrat
ion ~

cz other building is ad full wf ppl ~

cnt fill in at al ~

then, tis tuesday ~

is our other classmate----MALVIR's b'day ~

v go 2 SUNWAY PIRAMID 2 celebrat
e his b'day ~

here r some picz ~~~~

LOL ~~~~

i think u guyz wont reali c whr im ~

cz i was sit at far far away ~

v take our lunch at PIZZA HU
T ~

after v take it, of cz v eat the cake ~

then al buddy go 4 games agai
n ~

they always lov games ~

then 1 of my classmate accompany me go shopping ~

neh ~

although always said save money, bt i jz cnt stand it !

so i go NICHII 2 buy sm stuff ~

finally, bought 2 clothes ~

1 is white n other 1 is black in clr ~

n for sure, nt jz tat ~

i aso bought a new necklace ~

wel wel ~

recently lov simple style stu
ff ~

feel like comfortable ~

tis necklace is simple bt nice ~

more simple, more easily 2 match rite guyz !?

oh ya !

v aso go wtch movie ~

v wtch -SURROGATES- ~


neh ~

tis movie is surprise me

cz the story line quite lame ~ =.=

nt so lame, jz kinda ~


tat day i spend bout RM150++ ~

=.=''' shini ah shini ~

y u always said wanna save more money....

bt at the end is waste more money 1....

anyway, HAPPY B'DAY 2 they both~~ ^^

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