30 October 2009


ystrdy mummy gv me mask again ~

actually mum said jz gv me 1, bt finally she gv me 4 ~

yippee ~~~~

tis time the brand of mask is new ~

bt aso from Korea ~

mummy ad try it, she said quite useful ~

since i move 2 kl, my skin become more n more dry ~

so i do facial or mask every week ~

2 keep my skin fair, smooth n moisture

aso prevent my looks old ~

then, ystrdy i try 1 ~

its 'seaweed collagen essence mask' ~ try it, quite ok 2 use ~

then a few days ago, mum present me a necklace ~

its bought by her frenz at Taiwan ~

the 1st time i saw it, i ad like it ~

cz quite stylish looking ~

actually im a bad gal....

when i was a kid....

i always think mum jz care bout my older sis & younger sis ~

nvr care bout me ~

bt after i move 2 kl....

i oli realize tat mummy is care bout we ~

smtime i go shopping wf mummy, when i saw smthin....

i jz said 'i want', then mum wil bought it 4 me ~

especially those beauty product n prom dress ~

no matter hw expensive they r, mummy aso wil buy them 4 me ~

bt those prom dresses, i jz wear once or twice a year ~

so smtime i think....

y i wasted mummy's money....

i ad noe i wont wear it more than 3 times....

bt y i stil told mum 2 buy it....


and yet, since i jz hv 4 or 5 bag left at kl ~

ad feel kinda boring 2 those bags....

mummy borrow her CARLO RINO bag 4 me ~

yippee ~~~~

nx week wil b meet wf hubby ~

then cn hv a new fresh look 4 him ~

new bag, new dress, new clothes, new shoes, new contact lens, new nails colour, new pants, new earings, new watch, new bracelet, new necklace....


me is me ~

i always gv hubby my new fresh look ~

nt my hubby told 2 ~

is myself wanna do like tat ~

cz i dun wan my hubby feel boring bout me ~

everytime saw aso wf same style ~

tis aso prevent my hubby find other gf ~

bek 2 the topic ~

my mummy reali care bout me ~

i noe she lov me, n i lov her too....


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