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10 October 2009

nowadays, many ppl r having facebook(fb) ~

no 1 wil play friendster(fs) anymore ~

although im seldom ply fs ~

bt i sign in 2 approve frenz n reply comment everyday ~

then jz nw i jz sign in it ~

im in shock !

cz usually frenz request oli wf 100 ppl ~

bt 2dy....hv 449 ppl add me !

excluded the 2 ppl i ad reject them ~

actually 449 is nt a huge no ~

bt its been a long time din hv 400++ ppl add me ~

cz recently ppl jz ply fb ~

somemore, i jz sign in ystrdy ~

means 449 ppl add me in 1 day !

tis is happened on my 5th acc ~

my frenz list from 2323-2772 ~

during i approve those net frenz....

my laptop approve it until hang ~ =.=

if it reach til 3000+ ppl in my frenz list ~

i wil open a new acc again ~

although fs ad dun hv ppl play ~

bt i hv many frenz in real life....

aso noe each other in fs....


i noe many gud net frenz on fs ~

i means b4 ~

so i wil keep playing fs, bt of cz....

fb is more important ~

LOL ~~~~

btw, my 4th acc ad full ~

bout 3000+ ppl ad ~

so plz dun add again ya ~

plz add my 5th acc ~~

arigato neh guyz ~~~~ ^^

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