13 September 2009

ystrdy having moral n m'sian studies class ~

after the m'sian studies lesson end....

me n my frenz go yum cha n eat breakfast ~

after tat, v enter the moral class ~

while v entering....

the lecturer is laughing n many frenz r asking u wat time ad ~

ad pass 1 hour ad oli enter the class ~

wakaka ~~~~

noti us ~~

then after the class end ~

my frenz fetch me 2 the LRT station ~

cz i ad hv a date wf my roommate ~




i hate u a lot u noe !?

cz u always mk me spend a lot of money ~


cnt blame it, its my fault actually ~ :P

then v fast fast go cinema 2 buy ticket ~

cz v r afraid din hv ticket anymore ~

surprisingly, dun hv many ppl 2 buy the ticket ~

the movie time is at 4.30pm

so v start shopping ~

1st v go NIKE shop ~

cz i wanna buy dad a b'day present ~ ^^

i bought a pant special 4 running ~

cz my dad always jogging ~

tis pant is cost RM150 ~

soli neh daddy ~

tis present is nt expensive at al ~

cz recently i use a lot of money ~

forgive me plz ~~~~ T________T

then i bought a ring n earing ~

the 1st impression i think bout the earing is NANA ~

cz NANA hv a pair of earing is totally same wf it ~

so i lov it damn much ! ^^

then i go WATSON bought sm stuff

included facial form, nail clr n ACNE clearing gel ~

i nvr use it b4 ~

jz simply bought it ~

4 those ppl who ever use it ~

plz gv sm comment 2 me ya ~

i wanna noe izit effective or nice 2 use anot ~

bt i lov the body clr damn much ~

its in silver violet clr !

recently lov tis clr ~

n i bought a nail clr ~

its in silver violet clr too ~

cz i rmb hubby said he like tis clr ~

so i bought it cz i think its kinda nice ~

then v saw our watch ~

its 4pm++ ad ~

so v quickly go 2 the cinema ~

b4 v go in, i spend money again ~

a pencil box wf sharp clr ad attract me ~

so i go in n bought tis pencil box ~

lov the clr izit ?

haha ~

me too ~

then v enter the cinema ~

v wtch the movie called 'THE UGLY TRUTH' ~

tis movie is nice wtching n so funny ~

my roommate introduce 2 me ~ ^^

then after the movie end ~

v go THE GAREDEN tk our dinner ~

she ate KOREAN food n i ate JAPANESE food

cz i lov JP n she lov KOREA ~ ^^

tis time shopping spend bout RM300 ~


last week RM100++, nw is RM300 ~

nid 2 save money ah ~~~~

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