27 September 2009

last fri ~

hang out wf my younger sis ~

of cz, me fetch her 2 thr ~

kinda long din drive the car ad ~

bout 2 months ad ~

wakaka ~

cz i din bring my car 2 kl, so seldom drive it ~

after v reach, v go mcd 2 tk our lunch ~

then v went 2 CARLO RINO 2 check out those wallet ~

cz i wanna buy a new 1 ~

of cz, i bought it successfully ~

here v go ~

tis wallet oli cost RM239 ~

quite cheap ya ?

n as a member, stil hv discount ~ ^.^

oh ya !

i lov the new badge of CARLO R

izit nice ?

then i saw many old frenz ~

sm r primary skol frenz, sm are highskol frenz ~

i met 1 of my primary frenz, HAZEL ~~~~

noe her ad bout 10++ years ~

she became more n more pretty ~

tat moment v r same bus,same class n her old house is near by mine ~

bt after enter highskol....

her highskol is diff wf mine ~

so v seldom contact ad ~

althought she is study at kl aso ~

bt nvr met her b4 ~ ^_^'''

anyway, i likes my new wallet ~~~~

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