14 August 2009

2day is MTS test ~

i means jz nw ~

hoo ~

the test is damn hard !

i jz hope i cn score pass ~

din expected wil score distiction ~


recently r damn tired !

cz test,exam,presentation.debate n assignment r come along ~

then jz nw 1 of my frenz told me tat he wanna complete his assignment...

bt he so tired bout tis....

then he go smoking !

WTF !!!!

everyone noe bout tis ~

i hate ppl smoking !

plus on he's nt a smoker ~

bt he said he so stress n wanna done his assignment ~

so he smoke !?

i noe tis kind of situation ~

i noe its so stress ~

bt cnt tk tis as a excuse 2 smoke wat ~

i aso feel stress ~

bt should i aso smoking too !?


dun care bout him anymore ~

for those students who havin stress ~

dun tk tis as a excuse 2 smoke ya ~

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