16 August 2009

ystrdy, hang out wf college frenz at times square ~

v wtch G.I.JOE at cinema ~

nice wtching neh ~

like the 'DUKE' ~

when i 1st time wtch 'SHE IS A MAN' ~

the 7th guy....

i ad like him ~

tis time he use the same name in 'G.I.JOE' ~

haha ~

after finish wtch ~

v ho -ETUDE HOUSE- 2 buy sm mask ~

cz recently my skin's so dry n my mask ad finish ~

im in love wf -ETUDE HOUSE- mask ~

mask in there mk me feel so comfortable

tis time i bought 3 mask ~

hehe ~

n hv 2 mask is new arrival ~

i nvr try tat b4 ~

so i bought those ~

lemon n pomegranate....

duno nice 2 use anot ~

then i go -NIKE- shop bought new bottle ~

haha ~

nice anot ?

recently like purple ~

so i bought tis ~

tis is actually hubby bought 4 me ~

cz using hubby's money 2 bought it ~

thx ya hubby ~

tis is the 1st time u present me a bottle ~

nw i hv couple NIKE bottle ad ~

yahoo ~~~~

cz times square din hv -THE BODY SH
OP- ~

so v go sg.wang 2 bought my body butter ~

cz my body butter ad finish ~

haha ~


ystrdy ad spend RM160++ ~

no money ad neh ~

nid 2 save money again ~ T_________T

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