13 August 2009

wakaka ~

ad wtch new movie again ~

i always like 2 wtch horror, cruel or ghost movie b4 the cinema on ~

hehe ~

cz i always like 2 wtch tis kind of movie ~

n i cnt wait 4 it ~

so when i knew my frenz ad dl it ~

i quickly told her send 2 me a.s.a.p ~

haha ~

tis time is a movie bout murder....


cinema hvnt start yet ~

its on cinema 20th August ~

bt i ad wtch it ~ ^^

wel wel ~

at first i hvnt wtch tis movie trailer ~

i thought its a ghost movie ~

bt actually its a horror murder movie ~

at the beginning of the movie is quite boring ~

cz always talk n talk ~

i dislike tat part of it ~

bt when the lil gal start kil ppl ~

woo ~~~~

start interesting ~

kaka ~

silly me ~

bt the whole movie r quite nice lah ~

oh ya !

wanna me told u guyz a secret ?

bout the gal u guyz saw....

do u guyz reali think tat she's jz a lil gal ?

she's nt !!!!

she's actually a 36 years old growing women ~

she's jz cheating on those ppl !

haha ~

unbelievable rite ?

if u guyz wanna noe more ~

then wait the cinema n check it out ya ~

PEACE~~~~ ^^V

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