18 July 2009

16th july....

tat's my happy day ~

cz tis year b'day im nt enjoy it n nt so happy ~

tat make me upset n heart broken ~

hubby noe it, n he try 2 'fixed' my heart n emotion ~

he did it n done wel ~

wakaka ~

btw, bek 2 the topic ~

hubby gave me a lot of present ~

he aso make my life more colourful ~

he bought me a bag wf CARLO RINO brand ~

[al present r in thr bt except shoes~]

[tis pic is blur blur, cz i din tk it clear~]

tis bag is new arrival ~

so din hv any discount ~

tis bag's cost....

tis bag excluded key chain ~

hubby said with key chain the bag wil looks much better ~

so hey bought me a key chain ~

[likes the small bag~]

the key chain jz cost RM39 ~

then, he bought me a purse ~

[totally match wf the bag~ LOL~]

tis purse's cost....

do u guyz stil rmb i bought a pair of shoes at nose,MID VALLEY on last week?

cz the shoes mk me uncomfortable ~

i jz wearin it 4 university ~

hubby knew it, so lastly he bought me a pair of shoes ~

although tis shoes is more simple than the nose 1 ~

bt tis shoes make me more comfortable ~

tis shoes is shorter ~

suitable 4 me ~

cz i always like long term walking ~

shorter shoes wil more suitable 4 me ~

anyway, al of those present i aso lov it a lot ~

thx ya hubby ~


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