22 July 2009

izit shopping is a crime ?

do u guyz think so ?

i dun think so ~

recently cz of mega sales ~

so i bought a few stuff ~

mostly r clothes ~

last sunday....

i hang out wf frenz at MID VALLEY ~

n saw a new arrival NIKE bottle ~

it was damn nice !

its violet in colour ~

RM39.90, same price as my bottle(old) 1 ~

i reali wanna buy it ~

bt i almost 4gt tat i ad promise my hubby wanna start save money from nw on ~

sobz sobz ~~~~ T_____T

at nite, i told hubby bout tis ~

n hubby r almost wanna scold me ~

he keep mentioned tat i should nt buy the bottle expensive like NIKE ~

its jz waste money ~

jz a normal bottle ~

y should buy such expensive ~

as long as can contain water ~

normal bottle aso cn wat ~

haiz ~~~~ [sign]

which galz r dislike shopping ?

plz tell me tat ~

i guess every galz aso like shopping ~

bt aso included some guyz ~

yeah ~

im the person who likes shopping damn much ~

bt i dun think its a crime ~

yaya ~

i knew i ad promise u tat i wil start save money from nw ~

i wil try my best lah ok ?

dun blame me wat hubby ~

i wil sad sad de ohh ~

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