5 July 2009

-ShiNi- b'day is c'min soon !

yipee yipee !!!!


bt im so confused nw ~ T__________T

cz its bout the present ~

every year, when frenz or family ask me bout wat present they should gv ~

i aso cn mention it wel n mention a lot ~ ^_^'''

bt tis year, haiz....[sign]

even hubby r asking me....

i aso confused ~

hubby wanna gv me 3 present ~

he wanna let me choose the present ~

i said i wanna a pair of shoes + mayb a bag ~

bt the 3rd present....

i hvnt think bout it ~

jz nw mummy askin me wat present i wanna ?

i aso cnt mention it ~

wel wel wel ~

mayb a brand new laptop ~

wakaka ~ (>@<)\m/

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