10 July 2009

last nite was damn boring !

cz no net connection at al !

so v cnt ol in whole day !

me n my housemates are damn boring ~

wat should v do ?

then a housemate said hw bout v go carrefour walk and buy smthin ?

y v choose carrefour ?

cz its near to our accommodation ~

tis is da 1st time i hang out wf them ~

cz mostly i hang out wf college frenz ~

then v tk LRT to bukit jalil n walk 2 carrefour ~

i bought a packet of pudding stick, a packet of cheese hotdog....

n a packet of vitagen wf diff flavour ~

hehe ~

jz nw i jz try the pudding stick ~

tasty n sweet ~

tonite n 2ml nite wil b stay at sis's house ~

2 early celebrate my b'day ~ ^.^V

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