5 June 2009

ystrdy, my dad fetch me from KL to my hometown,IPOH ~

haa ~~~~[sign] bek to my real home ~

almost a month din bek here ad ~

mis it damn much !

mis my softy pillow....

mis my elastic bad....

mis my dolls....

mis my family....

mis those food cook by my maid[kakak] ~

n the most important....

damn mis the soup cook by kakak ~

today finally cn drink it ~

yipee !!!!

KL's soup nt delicious at al ~ T______T

oh ya !

last nite me n my family go wtch 'TERMINATOR SALVATION' ~

hehe ~

the movie jz quite ok oli ~

cz i dislike the character in there ~

i think the -JOHN CORNER- r nt the most important character ~

bt bout another guy -MARCUS- ....

i think he's gud ~

n everybody think he's the hero, nt -JOHN CORNER- ~

so i noe y everybody dislike -JOHN CORNER- nw ~

cz al aso think -MARCUS- should b his character ~

bt watever ~

mis wtch movie wf my family ~

reali gt family feel ~ ^^

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